Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Active transactions (benchmark results - updated)
Author Ann W. Harrison
Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
>>>I've run benchmark on the same database but on different servers.
>>>Computer1:.... 512Mb RAM,
>>>Gentoo Linux 2.4
>>>Computer2:.... 4GB RAM,
>>>Fedora Core 1 Linux 2.4 (with NPTL)
>>>Oddly the first computer performed task in 3 minutes while it took 30
>>>minutes to accomplish jobs for 2nd server.
>>Interesting that the fast computer has 1/8 the memory of the slow
> If think my eyes or yours are playing with us :-) Computer 2 (the fatest
> one) has 4GB while Computer 1 (the slowest) has 512MB

I'm afraid it's your eyes, or mine are really bad. The first computer
has less memory and is faster.
> I think one thing should be considered is if the OS are caching the
> database in the same fashion on both computers.

Caching wouldn't lead to one classic server running while the other
sleep. I'm betting that's a threading problem and involves the lock
> Another thing, I have read that Gentoo performs better

And Fedora Core 1 ...