Subject Performance degradation in Firebird
Author Bergbom Staffan

I've, 2005-10-05, sent a question about performance degradation in Firebird
and was adviced

to change some parameters in the Firebird.conf file.

EventMemSize set to 262144

LockMemSize set to 1048576

LockHashSlots = 499

That helped in the beginning, but after a while I recognized that adding a
record through a stored procedure

took longer and longer time.

The stored procedure makes a few lookups, updates and adds records to a
table used as a history-log.

A strange behavior was that suddenly the time to add a record dropped to a
very low value again and after that the time again

started to grow.

I guess that after a certain time Firebird releases, by itself, some buffera
or files and that has caused the time to drop.

Could that be done manually too and what would be the command?


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