Subject Performance degradation in Firebird
Author sbergbom

I wonder if someone has registered performance degradation when
adding records to a Firebird_Db

In my case I have a stored procedure entered from a database-app,
using dbExpess, with a TIdTCPServer-component.

To test degradation I wrote another app with a TIdTCPClient-
component that added some 2400 records.

The stored procedure makes a few lookups, updates and adds records
to a table used as a history-log.

Registering, in a log-file, the time to enter a record revealed a
registration-time starting from about 60 ms
increasing to about 100 ms at 300 records added, 500 ms at 1600
records and almost 1000 ms at 2400 recors added.
For every 100 records added, all records were deleted from the

Is there anyone that can give me a hint on what this is caused by?