Subject Limited concurrent database access
Author m2data
Hi all,

First a description of our installation:

We are running a medical (dental) system on ASP (Terminal Server).
Server is Windows 2003/Xeon 3Ghz 4 GB Ram
Concurrent users are around 120 (connecting throug localhost:<path>)
Concurrent databases are 23
Firebird is 1.5 superserver

Everything was running fine till the day we added database nr. 24.
When the connected databases hit 24, we get an error. It dosen't
matter how many concurrent users there is.

100 users on 23 databses is ok
24+ users on 24 different databases and i get the following in

DANDENTALASP02 (Server) Tue Sep 20 11:04:24 2005
internal gds software consistency check (cannot start thread)

At first I thought I had trashed the database, but if I ask one of
our customers to log out of the database (going from 23 til 22). The
database that I thought was trashed works just fine.

Any suggestions?

Brian Vraamark