Subject Re: 2 minutes and 40 seconds to connect to a 1GB database
Author Adam
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> Hello
> It's exact.
> When i turn off system restore, all is ok...
> Thank you very much for you help.
> What i don't understand is why windows make a copy of the database
> the first time the computer boots...
> And why this database and not another ?
> But this questions are Microsoft windows questions, and no more
> firebird questions...
> Thanks...
> Jean-Pierre

Post it as a bug to Microsoft System Restore.

In the future it may be better to post your problem to support first,
and not trouble the developers until it is identified as a bug or a
potential bug, not a known problem with a known configuration. It
just keeps the bug tracker cleaner.

It is not at all Firebirds fault if Windows decides it is a good idea
to copy the file every time it is used. The truth is it actually
would have also happenned to the 12MB database, it just doesn't take
very long to copy a 12 MB file, maybe a second or two. System Restore
copies the file because it has a .gdb extension. Firebird does not
require the file to be named .gdb, in fact it is strongly recommended
that you rename it to .fdb for that reason.

There is also a similar issue on win2003 server with shadowing, and
an alledged issue with hyperthreading (not that I have observed
though) that has similar symptoms.