Subject 2 minutes and 40 seconds to connect to a 1GB database
Author jeanpierre_planas

I have a big database from a customer. (About 1 GB).
The problem i have is when i startup my computer and i
open this database i wait more than 160 seconds (2
minutes and 40 seconds)
before the database is connected with IBOConsole or
any other program.
My database is valid (I make a backup/restore...)
This problem appears only the first time i want to
connect to my database.

My computer is fast (P4, 2GHz, 1GB of RAM).

If i open another database before (a 12 MB database for
example), i don't need to wait when connecting to my
1GB database.

Another information : I see that before connecting to my
1GB database, in taskmgr, i have fbserver.exe that
make 1GB of I/O Write.
I don't know why fbserver makes so make writes, but it
could explain why it's so long to connect...

If you need the database, i can put it on a ftp server, and
you can download it...

I use lastest RC version : 1.5.4731
I don't use firebird as service.

Fbserver.exe is run when my PC boots...

I have Post a Bug (
func=detail&aid=1327678&group_id=9028&atid=109028) but it was closed
saying that it's in this mailing list that i could find the

Some can help me please ?