Subject Files to Redistribute For 1.5.2 Database
Author demallon
I'm writing an application that's using Firebird 1.5.2. I don't want
my clients to have to run the Firebird installation script and want
to include the Firebird files on my distribution. I'm running
Windows XP.

I take put these files in a directory:

Then, I put these files in an FB directory below it:

When I try to start up the fbserver, it won't start. I run
fbserver -s to start up the server and it simply returns. I don't
get a firebird.log anywhere. It doesn't show up in Task Manager ->

I can run isql, but can't connect to my database, nor can I create

I can't find any hints of environment variables in any search I've
done. I did find a registry entry for
Server\Instances\DefaultInstance that was set to the location of
fbserver.exe, so I created that.

Otherwise I can't find anything that I'm missing. Anyone have any
idea what I've left out?