Subject Queries thru ODBC slowing down server
Author Bert Hughes

Queries run from within MsAccess/ OBDC (as pass-throughs or native, tho less
pronounced w/ pass-thro) --> firebird DB frequently bring the server to its
knees; all access to *any and all* of its served databases is choked. The
machine hardly even notices firebird is there -- 'top' occasionally shows
fbserver using 10% or so, memory 20% (big buffers). vmstat shows no
thrashing at all. Without the killer ODBC queries, no problems, usually.
Not sure of hardware details, but this is a titanium w/ gigs of memory.

Very infrequently have stalled entire system w/ bad-ugly queries issued thru
python, IBConsole, etc; w/ ODBC queries it's normal to stall entire system,
even w/ queries that run well in other environments and don't crowd the

System: Linux Fedora Core-3; Firebird SuperServer 1.52 NPT.

Bert Hughes