Subject Re: Table references in SQL queries
Author Adam
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> > I thought to this solution too but just like you said I would
> > need to use the quotations to refer to it, so I would need to
> > change the queries. Moreover the queries have to stay
> > compatible with DB2 and
> > DB2 doesn't accept these quotes in the queries.
> This sounds like your trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole.
> Would it not possible to build a very simple Data Access Layer,
which would
> allow you to use the best features of each db instead of writing one
> to rule them all.
> Rgds
> Si Carter

You probably create a data access layer that parses the queries as
they are received, then sends them off to Firebird. If you know the
schema name, then it is pretty trivial to replace all instances of it
to an empty string.

Firebird does not support schemas, so it wont like that syntax,
however I admit it might be nice if it ignored the schema name. I
suppose the sources are there, and nothing is stopping you from making
the change yourself.