Subject FB jokes episode-1
Author Ali Gökçen
Asked to some of FB core and support people..
what were be the 3 wishes of you when you must to live in a far FB

Helen Borrie:

1. A telescope to view whats more happening in MySQL,PGSQL and other
rival islands
2. A typewriter with carbon copy to write FB-islands-dailytelegraph
3. A A2 machine gun to guard of island from pirate enemies (with
ten box spare magazine of course)

Ann Harrison:

1. Jim Please.
2. Firebird resources
3. Thats enough to live happy at now (reserved wish to do use it in
next version)

Nikcolay Samafatov:

1. A heavy dot matrix printer to throw it to jim's persistent head
2. An AMD64 x4+UWSCSI720 RAID5 system with private FB builds, to
testing 128 and 256 bit versions of course.
3. Hulk hugen, to guard of my nbackup from jim.

Jim Starkey:

1. Netfrastructer of course. hey don't ask what is it!
2. Ann
3. i don't want to add the transaction numbers into index nodes!
it has too much idiotlogistics cost. i don't like complexity, i had
a plan to reduce the exe size to 4 bytes only.
what are you trying to do with count a billion rows of a table?
if you saying there are one billion rows then you also know the
count result, is not it?
good programmers don't interseted about how many records are there
in a table! go and get focused to a perfect design.

Arno Brinkman:

1. i optimised my wishes, there is no any need from now.
2. lookup to wishes number 1
3. lookup to wishes number 2

Alex Peskhow:

1. i need a stunt-man to fight with jim while i'm fixing FB.
2. i need a second one stunt-man please..
3. no, no wait wait! i need much more fighters!

Dimitry Yemanov:

1. wishes from me???!!! I am aborted.
2. Ok, i will be fixed today.
3. can you commit your changes before i release my wishes please?

Ivan Prenosil
1. I can provide my wishes myself from islands natural recources
2. I can do something even if there is nothing to do
3. are you still here!?

1. why only 3 wishes?
2. is not it may cause overflow?
3. is jim also there?