Subject RE: [firebird-support] why default value is failed?
Author Yang Jin
First,thank your reply.

Alan McDonald <alan@...> 写道:
>>your application needs to omit the field >>from the insert statement to make
>>the default take effect.

>>Your applicatoin is obviously setting the field >>value to NULL which is also
>>acceptable by your definition.

Re:The truth is my app is suit for the old table struct that don't add the Filed,So I think it is omit the Field.The old app can insert record to the new table.

>>If you set the field to NOT NULL, you would >>get an exception when you tried
>>to post your data.

Re:Ok,I see.But The error happen when I update the record that Field value is null.constriant's error happened.So I think the key is I insert a record that Field omit,Why the server don't set the default to Field?

>>There is no bug here.

Re:It happened after I update Firebird from 1.03 to,so I think it can been impacted by new server.It's just my personal judge.



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