Subject RE: [firebird-support] why default value is failed?
Author Alan McDonald
> hello,
> I find a problem, I think it maybe associate with firebird
> server.The problem is:
> I setup the Firebird- in db
> server.I add a Filed in Table.The Filed is integer, 'not null',
> default is 0. My tool is IBEXpert.The db dialect is is 3.But I
> find the Filed is null in some records that inserted by my
> application(my application's insert don't set the Field's
> value).why the default is fail?
> And why the history record's Field still null,I remember it
> can be set the default '0'.
> TIA.
> Jinyang

your application needs to omit the field from the insert statement to make
the default take effect.
Your applicatoin is obviously setting the field value to NULL which is also
acceptable by your definition.
If you set the field to NOT NULL, you would get an exception when you tried
to post your data.
There is no bug here.