Subject How do I verify on a server if Classic or Super server is installed
Author Peter Ypenburg

We have standardized on using Classic server version of Firebird. On Linux
the installation files for Classic and Super server are separate files so to
install the correct product will be pretty obvious. On Windows if is
different as the Windows install program has Classic and Super server build
into the same install program.

We found that users just run the install and just followed the default
options in the install process and then they have installed Super server
instead of Classic server. We asked our sites to make sure that they have
indeed installed Classic server.

One clever user asked how does he go about to verify what version is
installed, Classic or Super server?

I had a look at the Firebird server manager in the control panel but that
did not tell me much. Does anybody have a way to easily find this answer.

Thank you,

Peter Ypenburg