Subject Re: Using Firebird from PowerBuilder
Author dancooperstock
You're right, Cory.

In reply to adsarubbi, PB 10 does still have a Professional version.
Here's a URL to their feature comparison matrix:

That page does make it clear that the Desktop version only talks to
what they call "desktop databases". Of course, including Sybase ASA
in there is a bit weird, because it's a full-featured DB.

And no, there never has been a PB native driver for Firebird.

--- In, "corygm" <cory@m...> wrote:
> The desktop version of PowerBuilder is restricted to ODBC to
> databases (Paradox, Access, dBase, etc). Firebird doesn't fall
> that category.
> You'll need to go up to Professional to connect to Firebird. Not
> answer you were looking for but it is the answer....
> -Cory
> --- In, "adsarubbi"
> wrote:
> > "Limited ODBC" means that powerbuilder does not include certain
> > drivers in the installation. But, native support for Firebird?
> > working 5 years with that combination (firebird + powerbuilder)
> > there is not such thing (as far i know) even in professional or
> > enterprise wich i use.
> >
> > Try Firebird ODBC, it's open source, and works great.
> >
> > You can also try Powerbuilder Desktop 10. Starting from 10, there
> > no more Professional Edition, just desktop and enterprise.
> >
> > Difference between both? Just web capabilities and perhaps other
> > things like DOM and XML, web services, etc.