Subject Re: Using Firebird from PowerBuilder
Author corygm
The desktop version of PowerBuilder is restricted to ODBC to Desktop
databases (Paradox, Access, dBase, etc). Firebird doesn't fall into
that category.

You'll need to go up to Professional to connect to Firebird. Not the
answer you were looking for but it is the answer....


--- In, "adsarubbi" <adsarubbi@y...>
> "Limited ODBC" means that powerbuilder does not include certain ODBC
> drivers in the installation. But, native support for Firebird? Been
> working 5 years with that combination (firebird + powerbuilder) and
> there is not such thing (as far i know) even in professional or
> enterprise wich i use.
> Try Firebird ODBC, it's open source, and works great.
> You can also try Powerbuilder Desktop 10. Starting from 10, there is
> no more Professional Edition, just desktop and enterprise.
> Difference between both? Just web capabilities and perhaps other
> things like DOM and XML, web services, etc.