Subject invalid database handle (no active connection)
Author Yves Glodt

After having done many FB installations so far, today, for the first
time, I seem to be unable to connect to a local firebird server, isql
gives me this error:

c:\firebird\bin\isql -user sysdba -pass masterkey
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -904
invalid database handle (no active connection)
Database:, User: sysdba
Server version too old to support the isql command
Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database

Connectin with direct path (without alias) gives the same error.
c:\%windir%\system32\fblcient.dll is V1.5.2 as well
I get the same type of error when I try to restore a backup, the file
for the new DB gets created correctly, but not populated with (meta)data.

What could this be related to?

TIA and best regards,


The installer of 1.5.2 for win32 does not greate the line
"gds_db 3050/tcp" in the services file. (I had to add manually)
This is a common pitfall on new installations...