Subject "Hanging connections" on FB/1.5 SS
Author Aage Johansen
This is Fb/1.5.2 SS running on Win2000 server (WI-V6.3.0.4306 Firebird
1.5). The application is developed with Delphi/6 and IBO/4.2. The size
of the db is approx. 1GB.

We have observed connections to the database that stay there long after the
users have disconnected (or lost the connection). What do we do to get rid
of them? Or, rather, what do we do to avoid them in the first place?

Some users connect over the internet and these are sometimes not terminated
properly (lost connection, impatient user, ...). However, it seems that
also connections from the LAN can remain (seemingly connected).

We observe this with the IB_SQL tool: "List users" shows a number of users
even though SYSDBA is the only one actually connected. Some usernames show
up more than once in the list.
Moreover, using gfix the shutdown the database seemed to not release all
connections - e.g. it was not possible to rename the database file.

IIRC, this started to happen after a total "power down" where the UPS
didn't close down the server gracefully. Before that, for quite some time,
we observed no traces of left-over connections.

Aage J.