Subject isc_service_attach strange issue
Author adsarubbi
Hi guys. I've wrote some functions in C to provide my Powerbuilder
application access to low-level service manager utilities (user
management, backup, restore, etc).
One of my calls, to connect to the service manager is isc_service_attach
and there i got this behaviour

the entrypoint of the function looks like:

char * _stdcall _export user_modify(char * service_manager, ....)

as isc_service_attach expects the service manager as a char *, i use
directly the function argument service_manager.

it works fine up to powerbuilder 9. but... in powerbuilder 10 it
doesn't work. actually the error is: Could Not attach service manager.
service s could not be found
"s" means that the isc_service_attach is receiving only the first
character, no matter what i put in second parameter.
But... if i return forcedly the parameter (return service_manager;) i
got the expected value, meaning the function actually gets the parameter.

i don't know who do i need to blame, because recently we updated to
the 1.5.2 in our production fields, and got recently the powerbuilder 10.

Any help or any sugestion where to find help or where to start fight
this problem will be appreciated.

Compiler: Borland C++ 5.5
C Language Target: DLL