Subject Memory usage and long running transactions
Author joaquin_ifa

When studying some parameters in the task manager we observed that in
many installations we have lot of virtual memory in use by firebird
(in task manager under processes in the view menu goto select


Mem Usage = 39608K
Peak Mem Usage = 84508K
VM Size = 145808K

I am not a specialist in OS and do no know exaxtly the impact of these
numbers on performance, but isn't it better to have the firebird
process (or at least most of it) running in physical memory ?. Can
this be configured in some manner ?

I have seen in some documents that long running transactions may
create performance problems and high VM usage. The statistics of my
dbs seems ok (small diference between oldest tr and oldest active).
However in some parts of our UI we show a grid showing data and the
transaction used is active for the time that window is open. I have
seen that IB 7.1 has an option for long-running-read-only-transactions
that do not impact on performance. Is this available in Firebird 1.5 ?
What parameters should be used ? (I use FIB and Firebird 1.5...).

Thanks in advance,