Subject Re: [firebird-support] Message Threading (was symlink safety)
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Alan,

>> Even if you delete the whole body and change the Subject, you are
>> still hijacking the thread. This is a real pain for mail
>> interfaces that actually use threading.

> this is news to me... there is nothing in the source of an email
> message which identifies the "thread" other than the subject and the
> body. All email headers are replaced on reply by the sender and
> there are no headers specific to "threading".
> That's what I see when I analyse the pure source of email messages
> in this group. If not please tell me what header item is associated
> with threading.

"In-Reply-To" and "References".

Interestingly enough, your message doesn't contain a References
header. But In-Reply-To is there.

Paul Vinkenoog