Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird performance
Author Ann W. Harrison

> A further question though. I fixed the app but the transaction number
> still seems stuck this morning but gbak is running. I would suppose
> that gbak would need to run as some sort of concurrency transaction.
> Would that cause the OAT to be stuck while the backup is running. If
> so, doesn't that get you into a catch-22. You need to run the backup,
> which is slow right now because of garbage collection but it in turn
> is causing more garbage to be generated because it causes the OAT to
> be stuck for several hours?

In this case, where the purpose of the backup is to garbage collect,
you'd be better off using a gfix -sweep. If I recall correctly, it
doesn't block the OAT, does the same garbage collection, and doesn't try
to write out backup file.