Subject Re: CASE operator supported in Firebird SQL - NEVER MIND!
Author dancooperstock
If I end up getting actively involved with using FireBird, I'll
consider helping out. I'm a programmer, but I'm a pretty good writer
too. At a minimum, someone could quickly take out that part about the
CASE statement being missing ...

--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@v...>
> Hi Dan,
> > OK, never mind, I just read in the docs that both versions of the
> > CASE operator were added in version 1.5.0. That's great.
> > However, that still does imply that the doc on migration from MS
> > needs updating.
> You're right, it's horribly outdated.
> But the point is, we're *really* short of docwriters. We have a
> handful of people who do their best in whatever spare time they can
> make available, but the progress is slow. Updating the Conversion
> Guide isn't a top priority, so it will likely stay outdated for some
> time to come.
> Volunteers are always welcome, of course! Every single contribution
> appreciated.
> Greetings,
> Paul Vinkenoog