Subject fbserver shows no signs of life
Author jlwa1ker
I have Firbird 1.5.2 installed on a Windows 2003 server running as a
service. The service applet shows that firebird is running and the
firebird log file doesn't show any errors. However, if I just
type "gsec" on a command line I get:

unavailable database
unable to open database

However, if I run Firebird as an application, everything works fine.
Unfortunately, I'm using it as the back end of a web app so I can't
count on a particular user being logged in all the time -- nor would
I want to.

I suspect that it's a permissions thing, but I have tried granting
all kinds of permissions to the firebird install directory and I
always get the same thing. I've also tried running the service as the
same user for which it works as an application and get the same error.

Does anyone have any ideas how to debug this with so little
information? Or... how do I get more information?

-- Les Walker