Subject Re: [firebird-support] rtf-to-plaintext udf?
Author Urs Liska
Doug Chamberlin schrieb:
> Here is another idea:
> Create a companion process which runs alongside the Firebird server. It
> gets notified via events when records are updated and looks to see if any
> plaintext fields are empty when the RTF field is not empty. If so, it reads
> the RTF, converts to plaintext, fills in plaintext field. Along the way it
> parses plaintext and indexes it into the words table.
> In this way you remove the responsibility for parsing and indexing from the
> database server proper but still have a "server" process responsible for
> the task so client apps are not burdened with this. The indexing server can
> use whatever components are appropriate and not have to deal with the
> restrictive UDF operational context.
Sounds good!
I will think about it whether there are any downsides on it.

Thank you