Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Low speed connection issues
Author Alan McDonald
> I didn't notice any improvement when using all field names instead of
> *. I didn't make any speed and bandwidth consumption test with that
> case, but I will try it and give you response.
> DB will be available through Internet connection - it will be located
> on PC with full-time connection (ADSL), and clients will dial-up to
> their ISPs using 56k modems or ISDN.
> But first, I plan to try compression on port basis using ZeBeDee and
> make tests.

I would't waste my time if I were you. It's not worth it.
I have DBs on the end of cable connections and they're still not fast enough
to even make testing worth it.
A web application is the only way to go where anything other than a LAN
(10/100Mbit) is involved.