Subject Low speed connection issues
Author matijamikac
I am testing simple two-tier application with low-speed connection
between client and Firebird server (as low as 7kB/s). Something like
slow dial-up using old modems...
It works fine, but slow!

I made some testing, and here are results:
- when client sends simple SELECT * FROM table WHERE condition (result
set includes only one row!) total TCP traffic is arround 1,5kB - even
though there is pretty big overhead, it is fast enough...
- but, when recieven result (simple single row, max. 500 bytes - some
15-20 numbers (4 bytes) and few varchars (total 200 chars x 2 bytes if
unicode is used) TCP traffic from server to client is more than 6,5kB
(meaning, when I recieve data, my app responds in a second - I would
like to speed it up!)

I analyzed traffic using Ethereal and there seems to be some Reply
void packets (IB protocol) that are almost fully empty (zeros). Their
length is totaly cca. 2kB (two packets - 14xx bytes + 6xx bytes). Is
there a way to 'override' this behaviour?

In Firebird.conf I decreased TCPRemoteBufferSize to 1448, hoping that
could help, but it doesn't look to help.

I am using FB and IBX components in Delphi 7.

Any suggestions?