Subject RE: [firebird-support] Which Linux package for Firebird?
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi,
> Thanks to Adam, Andrew and others who participated in my post Win2K
> Vs Linux. Now I know what is eating up C drive and what to do.
> I had also asked about the Linux package that will be quite easy to
> install, configure and maintain and on which Firebirs 1.5.2 runs
> smoothly. As I said in previous post, currently our FB is running in
> Win2K Server for which we have only 5 CAL lisences. We are going to
> connect 70 client computers in few weeks time. So, I thought it is
> high time that we switch to Linux. Here in South East Asia, Red Hat
> package is widely used.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks

we went thru this just the other day. The 5 cal licenses have nothing to do
with running FB and as many clients as you wish. So don't let this have
anything to do with moving to linux. There are other reasons which may or
may not be sufficient.
PS. 70 concurrrent users - even against a Linux FB is getting up there.. if
the 70 users are heavy in nature, you may still require some pooling. If
they are not all simultaneous and or not heavy constant users, then 70 is