Subject SSH tunneling of Firebird connection
Author Radovan Bukoci

Please help me with this problem:

- on my home machine is running FB, on port 3050(hopefully)
- thru Putty, I am tunneling my port 3051 to my office server, port
3050, where is another FB running
- i would like to be able to connect to both servers at the same time,
that's why I'm using port 3051.
- I would like to specify a ODBC connection like "localhost:3051:alias",
but it doesn't work - Test returns error
"Unable to complete network request to host " localhost". Failed to
establish a connection. Unknown
Win32 error 10061".
( i must say, that I shut down the local server before this test, to
be sure that I am connectiong to the remote server, not the local).

(when I was tunneling local port 3050, I was able to conect to remote
server, but then again, I don't know how to connect to local server)

please help me to setup this. (if this is possible to set up at all).
I am using:
- ODBC driver Easysoft 1.0.70 or IBPhoenix 1.2
- MS Access 2.0, 95, 97

or please advice me any other way to make this run.

Thank you. Rado