Subject Re: Win 2K Server Vs Linux
Author Adam

I have found this program pretty useful in the past for identifying
what is exactly taking up the space. It does cause a lot of HD I/O
for a couple of minutes, so you may want to run it at a time when the
server is not otherwise being hammered by peak traffic. Basically I
draws a square to represent each folder/file. You will at a glance
see where your space has gone.


--- In, "hi_feroz" <hi_feroz@y...>
> hi,
> site has
> 1)win2k server
> 2)IB 6.0.2 installed (Upgrading to FB 1.5.2 next week)
> and nothing else
> 3) 18GB SCSI Hard Disk => Two Partitions C=6GB, D=12GB
> -->OS is installed in C
> -->IB also installed in C
> -->Database File ABC.GDB is in D and currently just less than 30MB.
> C has gone so full now only 13% shows empty. I dont know what is
> eating up C drive. If I select all files and check the size, it
> much less than 4GB --> yes I did turn on the option show hidden
> Right Click C Drive -> Properties -> Shows:
> Used = 3.37 GB
> Free = 646 MB
> Then selecting all the files separately shows:
> Size on disk = 1.32 GB, 15743 Files, 663 Folders
> Nothinng matches here.. where is the 6GB drive gone??
> I know itz not FB related... but I am FB fan:), thought you guyz
> might provide some help.
> I am also planning to ask the customer to use Linux instead because
> want to use classic version of FB since we are going to install
> second processor in the server soon.
> What Linux package (Red Hat, Mandrake, etc?) do you think will be
> good and quite easy to handle?
> I am not a OS guy... dont have much knowledge, really in this area.
> Any suggestions are highly appreciated?
> Regards
> Feroz