Subject Win 2K Server Vs Linux
Author hi_feroz
site has
1)win2k server
2)IB 6.0.2 installed (Upgrading to FB 1.5.2 next week)
and nothing else
3) 18GB SCSI Hard Disk => Two Partitions C=6GB, D=12GB
-->OS is installed in C
-->IB also installed in C
-->Database File ABC.GDB is in D and currently just less than 30MB.

C has gone so full now only 13% shows empty. I dont know what is
eating up C drive. If I select all files and check the size, it shows
much less than 4GB --> yes I did turn on the option show hidden files.
Right Click C Drive -> Properties -> Shows:
Used = 3.37 GB
Free = 646 MB
Then selecting all the files separately shows:
Size on disk = 1.32 GB, 15743 Files, 663 Folders

Nothinng matches here.. where is the 6GB drive gone??

I know itz not FB related... but I am FB fan:), thought you guyz
might provide some help.

I am also planning to ask the customer to use Linux instead because I
want to use classic version of FB since we are going to install
second processor in the server soon.

What Linux package (Red Hat, Mandrake, etc?) do you think will be
good and quite easy to handle?

I am not a OS guy... dont have much knowledge, really in this area.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated?