Subject Re: [firebird-support] Create Database Process
Author Myles Wakeham
> On 27-Jan-2005 20:34:19, Robert martin wrote:
> We use IBObjects to run the script but other components should be
> fine. We configure our connection but don't connect, point it to where
> we want the DB and replace the 'BS3' in the file with a valid Firebird
> path and name. Every thing works great.

Thanks for the information, Robert. We are attempting to do the same thing
(ie. Ship an application without a database, but have it create it when it
first starts up). 4th Dimension is a cross-platform RAD GUI tool for
Windows and Macintosh, and we have a legacy application that we are
converting in 4th Dimension to work with it and Firebird. We have developed
our own plug-in for 4th Dimension to work natively with Firebird. Works
like a charm, but now that we are trying to use it 'in real life' we are
dealing more with the strategy questions on how to address this.


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