Subject Sort error
Author Robert DiFalco
Vers: FB 1.0.3 Windows

We were having problems with some queries running out of sort space, so
we began setting the TMP_DIRECTORY variable in the ibconfig file like

TMP_DIRECTORY 5368709120 "C:\Program

When we do that however, we get the following error:

org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBSQLException: GDS Exception.335544676. sort
error: not enough memory

Unsetting the variable allows the latter query to complete but once
again breaks the earlier queries. In either case the temporary files
created during the query add up to around 750 megabytes of space, the
only difference seems to be where the sort files are created. Why would
setting this variable lead to an out of memory error?

Also, note that there is plenty of disk space to accommodate the