Subject Re: Best suggestion for installation scripting?
Author Adam
There are lots of ways of doing this. I am not familiar with
Installshield (except as an end user perspective). We use NSIS from
Nullsoft (originally did winamp).

You can use iSQL to run the script. You can look up the firebird path
in the registry, and then work out the isql path and run the sql. The
script can either be included as part of the setup.exe or the
setup.exe can be told where to find the sql file as a relative path.
To me it is much the same. I would probably include the fdb file on
the CD as well as the Setup.exe. That way, when you get a new
configuration, all you need do is change the fdb file, you wont need
to recompile the setup program.

But it should be noted that firebird databases in general compress
quite well (about 80-90% for us), so if you are distributing over the
web it may be easier to compile the fdb directly into the setup

I can highly recommend NSIS. Our installer is smaller than the zip
file of our program directory (about 3MB smaller).

--- In, "Myles Wakeham" <myles@t...>
> We are going to be releasing an Installer (probably with
Installshield) for
> a Windows Firebird Super Server installation and a database. But
> database configuration will change over time so rather than
including a FDB
> file, I would prefer to include either a SQL script file or
something like
> this that would enable us to have the database built at the time of
> installation.
> What is the best way of doing this? I am not including any client
> with the installer that will do this, but would like to include a
> file of some sort to automatically build the database once the
server is
> installed.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Myles
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