Subject Re: [firebird-support] Guardian won't start after a reboot
Author Rafael Szuminski
> I don't have a resolution for all cases, but I had exactly this problem on
> one of my Win2K machines after testing a beta version of the firebird
> control panel applet. I used the applet to switch between "start as a
> service" and "start as an application". After I had switched back to
> "start as a service", I got the problem you describe.
> The fix on my system was to run the instsvc program, first with 'remove'
> and then with 'install'. Use instsvc -help first to see the switches you
> need to use; and also read the README that is the doc directory.
> And maybe you need to check that you have a good cpl file. There were
> several unofficial ones circulating for a while, that did weird
> things. The cpl files don't seem to get deleted by the uninstaller, either.
> ./hb

Will give this a try and let you know. Thanks for the help.