Subject Guardian won't start after a reboot
Author Rafael Szuminski
Hi all,

I have a misbehaving Win2K laptop on which FB Guardian service will
fail to start from time to time (approximately 1 in 10 reboots).

Here is the event log when the service fails:

The description for Event ID ( 212 ) in Source (
FirebirdGuardianDefaultInstance ) cannot be found. The local computer
may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files
to display messages from a remote computer. The following information
is part of the event: The registry information is missing.
Please run the Firebird Configuration Utilitto launch the server
thread. errno : 1055.

Of course I checked and the necessary registry entries are there. The
strangest thing is that the open source version of IB behaved the same
way on this one machine.

This is not a major issue because the service can be started manually
but it is a bit annoying and who knows the same issue might happen to
one of my customers one day and it would be nice to know a resolution.