Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Bulk inserts in Interbase
Author Milan Babuskov
Edwin A. Epstein, III wrote:
> Second Firebird/Interbase create a file lock on the external table file once
> the SQL statement used to create the external table is committed. If you
> attempt to delete this file after the "Bulk" insert statement it will fail.
> Even if you delete the external table from the metadata, the file lock is
> not released.

On which version of Firebird and which OS did you have this problem? I found
that the lock *is* released when you commit all the transactions involving the
external table, and then DROP it. No need to stop the server.

Anyway, I do agree it's not the best way to automate something, but it's usable
for one-time import of data.

Milan Babuskov