Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Bulk inserts in Interbase
Author Daniel Rail

At January 25, 2005, 14:48, Ann W. Harrison wrote:

> spgilmore wrote:

>>>What do you mean by a bulk insert?
>> My background is in MSSQL, where a bulk insert is an actual SQL
>> statement that you issue. It specifies the location of a "flat file"
>> (delimited text file) with any number of rows in it. It will then
>> glue this file into the tables in the RDBMS all at once.

> Milan is correct - the closest Firebird equivalent is an external file.
> However, when you move data from the external file to the database, it
> still moves 1 record at a time. Faster than most alternatives, but it's
> still not "gluing" two files together.

MS-SQL's BULK INSERT could almost be compared to importing into
Firebird via external tables, with the exception that by default
MS-SQL's BULK INSERT ignores CHECK CONSTRAINTS and insert triggers.
But, those can be turned on as options of BULK INSERT.

So, essentially using Firebird's external table feature to import data
can be compared to using MS-SQL's BULK INSERT with the check
constraints(CHECK_CONSTRAINT) and use insert triggers(FIRE_TRIGGERS)
being specified.

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