Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebase Licensing
Author Daniel Rail

At January 25, 2005, 13:49, sliburd wrote:

> I've got too many 'fires', 'bases', and 'foxes' on my mind to keep
> them all straight...sorry.

> Anyway, from your response I see now that Firebird provides database
> access, but I'll need a way to interface to it. I'll have a look at
> IBObjects. Any other suggestions? Thanks for the help.

We've been using IBO for 5 years and love it. When we started using
IBO, it was to migrate a Paradox/BDE to Interbase 6.0(Firebird only
came into existence later that year). I found IBO the easiest in
migrating our flagship application, which at the time was over 100
forms and datamodules(with over 400 datasets), and over 100 tables.
IIRC, at the time there was very few choices(there may have been a few
more that I probably wasn't aware of): IBO, IBX and FIB Plus.

Just thought to give you my experience with IBO. Although, on thing
to keep in mind, there will be a learning curve with any component set
that you decide to use.

Best regards,
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