Subject AW: [firebird-support] Firebase Licensing
Author Steffen Heil

> I have a small commercial app (written in Delphi) that is
> currently using Paradox/BDE. I'm looking to replace this. I
> looked at the Advantage Local Server (no cost, royalty free
> distribution), but can't use it because it doesn't handle
> transactions.
> If I use Firefox, does my app have to be open source? Is it
> royalty free? Would my app have to be free?
> Basically, I guess I want to know if I can rework my app to
> use Firebird and continue selling it as I do now.
> I tried reading the licensing agreement, but my eyes started
> to glaze over.

First, it is neighter "Firebase" (as in your subject) nor "Firefox" (as in
your text).
It is "Firebird" !

(Firefox is a web browser, which was somewhen shortly called firebird, and I
have no clue what Firebase is.)

However, you may use firebird in any non-free non-open source application
for free.
That's the great thing about the firebird license.

If I remember correctly, you may even modify the code and sell firebird
itself, but first, I am not sure about this and I don't like that fact

But if you make your customers pay for your application and give them
firebird for free by the way, that's definitely fine.
However, make sure, you comply with the component set, you use to access
firebird. Those are not free most of the time. And BDE is evil.
Check out IBObjects or such. (You will need to pay once for that.)


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