Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebase Licensing
Author Dan Wilson
On 1/25/2005 at 5:02 PM sliburd wrote:

> I have a small commercial app (written in Delphi) that is currently
> using Paradox/BDE. I'm looking to replace this. I looked at the
> Advantage Local Server (no cost, royalty free distribution), but can't
> use it because it doesn't handle transactions.
> If I use Firefox, does my app have to be open source? Is it royalty
> free? Would my app have to be free?
> Basically, I guess I want to know if I can rework my app to use
> Firebird and continue selling it as I do now.
> I tried reading the licensing agreement, but my eyes started to glaze
> over.
> ==steven

I don't know anything about Firebase, and Firefox is a web browser, not a database server, but Firebird is royalty free and can be distributed with commercial apps. Your app does not have to be open source.

The licensing agreement isn't that hard to read and understand; what did you find difficult about it?