Subject Immediate connection to server fails after startup
Author Florian Hector
I recently changed my computer and along with it the OS from W2K to XP Pro.
An application that is started in the Autostart Folder connects to the FB
server on the same maschine right at applications start. On the old PC with
W2K, this worked
without problems. On the new maschine I am getting the error
"Unavailable Database".

If I set the application to not to connect immediately and instead do it
myself a few seconds after it started, connection is established w/o a
Firebird.log does not yield anything exept that Guardian has started the

Connection protocol is cpLocal, system restore of XP is switched off for the
partition where the database sits.
Firebird is SS Version 1.5.2

Is it possible that the service is started to late and is therefore not yet
ready when the application tries to connect?