Subject not valid file formats
I have downloaded Firebird 1.5.2 Superserver and Classic versions for
Linux in rpm format as well as tar.gz. I downloaded them directly from
the Firebird website download page. However, whenever I try install
from rpm or uncompress on my Linux machine using the standard tools, I
am told that they are not valid file formats.

For example:

Linux:/home/me # gunzip FirebirdSS-
gunzip: FirebirdSS- not in gzip format

Linux:/home/me # rpm -i FirebirdCS-
FirebirdCS- not an rpm package (or package

I have read every document that could possibly cover this on the
Firebird website. I have searched Google. I have found absolutely
nothing that says there are any special instructions on unpacking the
installation documents or using the RPM. Does anyone here know what is
going on with these files?

Thank you.