Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: unavailable database
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:44 AM 22/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>I have the same problem; in my case I tried to open a GDB file I
>created using FBird v1.0 under Windows 2000 Pro. Now that I have
>Windows XP Pro, I downloaded FB from the link "25th December 2004
>Official Windows Setup and Installer For Classic and SuperServer
>V1.5.2 (.exe) (4.0mb) ", and when I want to connect to a couple of GDB
>files from IBExpert and Delphi v6 UP2 (with InterXpress for Firebird)
>I get:
>Attempting to connect to:
>C:\Documents and Settings\Guillermo Najar\Mis
>documentos\GNsis\Cursos\Curso ITESO\Especificaciones SI I\Sistema\ST.GDB
>Connecting... Failed!
>Unsuccessful execution caused by an unavailable resource.
>unavailable database.
>Attempting to connect to services manager... Failed!
>Unsuccessful execution caused by an unavailable resource.
>Cannot attach to services manager.
>Disconnecting from database... Passed!

This one is probably caused by using the file extension ".gdb" with
XP. You need to read the release notes!! Change the extension to ".fdb"
and you should be OK.

Reason: when you go to connect to your database, XP decides that you want
it to do a system backup of your file. It locks your file and the server
cannot get access to it. NOTE WELL :: You do NOT want XP to perform this
(SystemRestore) function on your databases at all!!!