Subject Re: [firebird-support] Users and DB access with FB on web server
Author Urs Liska
Thank you all for your answers Simon, Milan, Alan and Artur.

> for website work - forget the native security database of Firebird.
> Be given one username by the provider, then manage users yourself
> with your own users table, passwords, roles etc.
OK, I thought of this already.
So users log in to my application, I determine the "role" from an
internal table and let the application decide what actions the user can
take. Did I understand it right?

> You will not want to connect via any other method than HTTP. Normal
> socket traffic is far too heavy for a ormal client/server connection
> over the internet.
I'm sorry to hear that (althought I did fear this could be a problem). I
just wanted to use this database as a shared resource with some
colleages (that are not in a LAN with me). I would really have preferred
just having to adapt the Delphi application that I already use to the
changed situation over creating a new web application with Delphi or php.

>> You can use any utility you wish (database workbench iboconsole etc),
>> the host needs to ensure port 3050 is open so you can connect
>> remotely.
> I'd suggest the ISP *not* to do this. It opens a hole in security
> since Firebird's protocol goes unencrypted. I suggest you use either
> of ZeBeDee, stunnel, PPTP, or some similar means to encrypt the
> communication.
I will think of both views and ask the ISP about it.

> Well, you have also the chance to work with a provider that is
> specialized in Firebird. :-))
> Take a look at
Thanks for the ad ;-)
But I'll stick to the original plan.This ISP may not be very experienced
with Firebird (but willing to learn) but it is a very nice offer and it
is closely connected with a friendly and helpful Delphi community.


Urs Liska schrieb:
> Hello,
> please excuse my newbie question.
> I intend to move my webspace to a new provider who will allow me to use
> firebird a.o. Since I never had the experience to use a database on a
> web server, I have a few questions.
> There is a firebird server that is run by the server/provider.
> I will get the physical path where to store my database.
> I will know the IP of the server (and there will be the domain name).
> a)
> How are firebird user accounts managed in such a constellation.
> Do I need one special user account (by the provider) to access a
> database from a web service application (i.e. a CGI or php)?
> How can I implement different "roles" then.
> b)
> (How) can I access my database directly with a client application
> without a HTTP connection through a web application sitting on the server?
> The provider is willing to make any necessary configurations but is not
> very experienced with firebird so he asked me to provide the information.
> Regards
> Urs
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