Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Users and DB access with FB on web server
Author Milan Babuskov
Simon Carter wrote:
>>(How) can I access my database directly with a client application
>>without a HTTP connection through a web application sitting on the
> server?
> You can use any utility you wish (database workbench iboconsole etc),
> the host needs to ensure port 3050 is open so you can connect
> remotely.

I'd suggest the ISP *not* to do this. It opens a hole in security since
Firebird's protocol goes unencrypted. I suggest you use either of ZeBeDee,
stunnel, PPTP, or some similar means to encrypt the communication. I have a nice
setup with zebedee. ISP keeps the public key, I keep the private key on my
computer. You don't have to change application of Firebird to do it:

Application -> Zebedee -> Internet -> ISP -> Zebedee -> Firebird

Milan Babuskov