Subject AW: [firebird-support] Windows O/S Config for 50-user system
Author Steffen Heil

> But this is another discussion: Kevin NEEDS to buy a server version.
> The problem is with EULA. Microsoft don't allow more than (5
> or 10, can be sure) connections in the EULA. Just pick up a
> XP Pro CD and look at it.
> But it's still possible in an technical way. :-)
> One of our clients used a W2K Pro for sometime with 32
> connections, before someone looked at EULA. They switch to Linux.
> Yes, there are times that Microsoft help our clients to
> achieve better solutions. :-)

NO. No. No.

This limit is about windows services. It does not apply to firebird.
It would make any peer to peer file sharing software illegal...


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