Subject Re: [firebird-support] Windows O/S Config for 50-user system
Author Milan Babuskov
Helen Borrie wrote:
>>Except as otherwise permitted by the NetMeeting, Remote Assistance, and
>>Remote Desktop features described below, you may not use the
>>Product to permit any Device to use, access, display or run other
>>executable software residing on the Workstation Computer,

As far as I understand it, the client machine is *accessing* the executable
software (firebird server) on the server. On Classic, it can be even considered
that it *runs* the software, since an instance of Classic is only run for client

> This is a problem for MySQL, but not for Firebird.

Why is is a problem only for MySQL? I don't see the difference.

> Both Classic and
> Superserver services are run by the host machine, not by clients.

Yes, but clients are *accessing* those services which is clearly stated as not

For those who complained about usage of IIS, there is a special licence designed
for webservers, internet applications, etc.

>> nor may you permit any Device to use, access, display, or run the
>>Product or Product's user interface, unless the Device has a separate
>>license for the Product.

Now this part confuses. I wonder how is "Product" defined in EULA? Can Firebird
be a "product"? If yes, then anyone can issue his client an "unlimited access
licence" for Firebird, and case closed. :)

Or simply just use Linux and don't worry about anything.

Milan Babuskov