Subject port for event registering
Author Csongor Varro
Hi. I am using Firebird SuperServer 1.5 with Red-Hat, I've got firewall too.
The clients are connecting from outside, throught the firewall. I've opened
the 3050 port for the connection, but when my client program is registering
an event it gets the error:

"ISC ERROR CODE:335544721

Unable to complete network request to host "myhost".
Failed to establish a secondary connection for event processing.
unknown Win32 error 10060"

I consulted the firewall logs, and opened the port that it tried to connect
to for event registering, but next time it was another port. I tried and
tried, after a while tought it was a random port from 34700 to 34800, then
to 34900. I opened them all, but no results, now it's connecting through
other ports (ex. 34921). Could anyone help me, how could I redirect these
connections to a single port, or some other solution, or at least a
description what determines the port no. and in what range? We need
security, can't give up on the firewall. With every unsuccessful connection
the server Firebird 'dies' (remains 'hanged' somewhere), so it has to be
killed and restarted, so can't even let it to chance, if it gets an opened
port or not...

We are developing the client application in Delphi 7 using IBObjects
evaluation version, event registering done by TIB_Events. I've already
written to James Wharton, but got no answer:(