Subject Re: [firebird-support] Classic process priority
Author JD FitzGerald
Ivan Prenosil wrote:
> If the application is hogging the cpu, wouldn't it be better
> to decrease app priority instead of increase Firebird priority ?

This is what I've done already, but I'd like the app to have the same
priority as other apps running on the machine.

> Also, did not your stored procedure make lot of updates ?
> It would use lot of RAM for undo-log, which can slow down
> everything considerably. Can you split SP to several smaller pieces
> that can be executed separtely ? (or just process smaller number
> of records at once).

Nope on the updates and RAM usage isn't particularly high. The procedure
is broken into sub-procedures already, although they really have to be
executed together.

The lowered priority of the app is working, but I'm still worried incase
the owners of the box decide to put something cpu heavy on it.