Subject RE: [firebird-support] Embedded database backup options
Author Alan McDonald
> hello Alan,
> > Don't use gbak - use the services API
> I have used gbak because, if I remeber well, some time ago there was a
> discussion on this list that pointed out that using the Firebird
> API it's not
> possible to specify a network path for the backup, while with
> gbak it is. Maybe
> Ann or Helen can confirm this.
> Regards
> Salvatore

As far as my testing is concerned, you are quite right. My embedded server
applications only use the services API to backup the local database to a
local backup file. When my (the same application) is connected to a remote
server (it can switch local/remote) then the remote services API will not
feed the backup (stream it) back to the client calling it. For remote use,
my help instructions provide for local (to the server) only backup which is
a server admin task.